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When I was a kid, I loved to watch extreme sports. I never imagined that it would become my career, but these days, I spend a fair amount of time outside. Unfortunately, driving my bike off of steep hills and trying to jump between buildings hasn't always been good for my body. I have had 16 broken bones, and I want everyone to know that you can have a great time while staying safe. My website is dedicated to helping other people learn about the intricacies of extreme sports, and why it is important to wear protective gear each and every time.

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3 Types Of Mountain Bikes To Consider

Mountain bikes are among the most popular type of bicycles, mostly because of the many different types of riding that they are suited for. Mountain bikes are great options for people looking to get into shape, or who simply want to ride their bikes and take in all the sights that nature has to offer. Downhill, cross-country, and full suspension mountain bikes are all great options that each have their own benefits. Learn more about the different types of mountain bikes available.


Cross-country bikes are ideal if you want a bicycle that will allow you to ride for long distances. These bikes are not going to be great for extremely rough terrain, mostly because they are built very light. This lightweight feature means that the bike will break more easily than other types of mountain bikes, but it also means that you will be able to ride for much longer because you will not have to exert yourself as much to keep the bike moving. 

In general, you will want to keep this type of bicycle on smoother dirt trails or paved trails. In addition, the lightweight construction also makes this a great dual-purpose bike that you can use to not only ride through the mountains or forests, but also use to commute to work.


Downhill bikes are going to be your best bet if you want a very safe bike that can stop quickly. Since these bikes are intended to drive down long slopes, they are equipped with the strongest brakes that you can get on a mountain bike. This feature also makes this bike safer to operate in the city because it will also you to easily stop if there is any danger or an obstacle in the road.

These bikes also feature sturdier construction than a cross-country bike, which will prevent the bike from breaking easily if you crash it. This makes the bike a great choice for most off-road trails as well, mostly since the sturdy construction will prevent it from breaking on harsh bumps.

Full Suspension

Full suspension bikes are the bike of choice if you are planning on riding on an extremely rugged terrain. These bikes are designed for areas where there may not be any trails whatsoever, or where trails have many deep ruts and holes. 

These bikes are typically going to be among the heaviest mountain bikes available, mostly because of they have  very rugged construction and a full front and rear suspension. Both of those features will let you tackle just about any terrain without having to worry that your bike is going to being ruined by the terrain.

Speak to a bicycle dealer today in order to discuss what bike would be best for you. Full suspension and downhill bikes are both very durable options that are ideal for rougher terrain while a cross-country bike is ideal if you want a light bike that you can easily take on long rides. One company you can contact for more information is Bootdoctors.